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NEWS Last modified on August 12, 2015

Khartoum International Airport utilises laser technology to mitigate bird strikes

Khartoum International Airport in Sudan is believed to have become the first African airport to use laser technology to mitigate bird strikes.

The airport decided to act and utilise the new technology in response to airline concerns about the threat posed by the large amount of birds gathering by the airfield, particularly at dusk and dawn.

Its new handheld technology has been provided by Dutch company, Bird Control Group, which specialises in helping airports scare birds away from airfields using harmless laser beams.

Mohammed Osman, bird control manager at Khartoum International Airport, says: "We took the airline comments very seriously, which is why we are currently professionalising our bird strike prevention efforts.”


CEO at Bird Control Group, Steinar Henskes, is impressed by the ambitions of the African airport. 

"They have the goal to be an example for airports in the East African region when it comes to safety. I'm glad Bird Control Group has helped contribute to this goal," he says.

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