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NEWS Last modified on August 17, 2015

Sydney Airport strengthens its environmental credentials

Sydney Airport has achieved Level Two status in ACI's Airport Carbon Accreditation programmme.

As its name suggests, the initiative recognises airport's efforts to map, manage and reduce carbon emissions.

“Sydney Airport is committed to operating sustainably as well as efficiently, including working to minimise our impact on the environment and meeting voluntary global commitments for reducing our carbon emissions,” says managing director and CEO, Kerrie Mather.

“We’re delighted to receive recognition for our carbon management programme and progress on reducing our carbon footprint by achieving Level Two Airport Carbon Accreditation.

“We’ll continue to work to reduce our carbon footprint, delivering beneficial environmental outcomes and increasing efficiency across the airport.” 

There are four levels of certification: 'Mapping', 'Reduction', 'Optimisation'  and 'Neutrality'. 

To achieve Level Two, ‘Reduction’, Sydney Airport had to: 

• Map its carbon footprint to meet international and Australian standards;

• Provide evidence of effective carbon management processes including target setting; and

• Show a reduction in its carbon footprint by analysing the carbon emissions data of three consecutive years.

Federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, welcomed the announcement. “It’s fantastic that Sydney Airport is taking steps towards reducing its carbon footprint," he says.

"Climate change is a global problem and we all need to play our part. I congratulate Sydney Airport on their great work."

In addition to achieving Level Two Airport Carbon Accreditation, Sydney Airport has implemented a range of environmental initiatives, which include publishing a five-year Environment Strategy with more than 100 ongoing actions and initiatives to minimise environmental impact and support sustainable growth, as part of its approved Master Plan 2033.

It also became the first Australian airport to release a Sustainability Report this year.

ACI’s Airport Carbon Accreditation is an international and industry recognised certification system designed to assess and recognise participating airports’ efforts to manage and reduce their carbon emissions.

It is the only industry-specific, performance-based, voluntary and institutionally-endorsed accreditation label designed specifically for airports.

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