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NEWS Last modified on September 7, 2015

Frankfurt Airport starts its Oktoberfest celebrations

Brass band music, white sausage and dirndls can only mean one thing – it is Oktoberfest time again in Germany and Frankfurt Airport was quick to start the celebrations today. 

Indeed, for the third year in a row, a beer festival atmosphere will take over in Pier Z in Terminal 1 and the non-Schengen part of Terminal 2.

This year, the right mood will be evoked by original Bavarian music played by two ensembles: the Bayernstürmer, a brass band specialising in traditional music, and the Wiesenschwestern, a group of female vocalists.

Both will entertain passengers at the airport with catchy tunes for four weeks.

A taste of Bavaria will also be available at restaurants and bistros serving Bavarian specialties including white sausage, leberkäse, sauerkraut, giant soft pretzels, and Oktoberfest beer fresh from the tap.

In addition, festively decorated marketplaces laden with attractive wares will entice passengers to shop with a passion.

Promoters dressed in dirndls and lederhosen will hand out multilingual leaflets containing exclusive Oktoberfest coupons that guests can immediately redeem in any participating shop or restaurant here at the airport.


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