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NEWS Last modified on September 14, 2015

Oslo Airport's security wait times among the shortest in Europe

Oslo Airport boasts some of the shortest security wait times in Europe with passengers on average taking just two minites to complete the screening process.

Airport operator, Avinor, is justifiably proud of its record and believes that the performance of its security teams this summer will further improve customer satisfaction levels at the gateway.

It says: "The numbers speak for themselves. Never before has the waiting time at the security checkpoint at Oslo Airport been shorter than this summer."

In the period June 15 to August 31, a total of 2.6 million passengers passed through security, an average of 35,000 passengers per day, says Avinor, noting that the busiest day was Sunday, June 21, when 44,865 used the airport.

Knut Holen, director of terminal operations, says that the airport has been working systematically and persistently since last summer to ensure this summer's short security wait times.

“We have worked in a targeted manner to keep waiting times down, so it’s wonderful to affirm that 99.97% of passengers spent less than fifteen minutes queuing through security. In fact, the average transit time been two minutes,” says Holen.
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“The security check is looked upon as a stress factor by many, so it is particularly important to us that this part of the journey goes smoothly. 

"The fact that we handled the summer traffic with such short waiting times is very gratifying to us.”

Increased customer satisfaction

Avinor insists that Oslo Airport is committed to providing travellers with a positive experience in the security check.

And to test whether it is achieving its goal, it reveals that more than 1,000 travellers are surveyed each year about the security check.

This year, it says, "all measurement parameters show a positive trend, indicating that overall satisfaction is increasing from year to year".

Holen adds: “We work every day to provide better service in the security check and it is satisfying to see that there is a positive trend. We also know that we face a challenging period until we open the new terminal in 2017."

Security officers are increasingly viewed as showing concern for the welfare of travellers, says Avinor.

They are also perceived as more customer friendly and efficient.

“All security checkpoint staff take service courses as part of their training," explains Holen.

"This approach enables employees to improve how they perform their jobs in a way that translates into a more pleasant travel experience passengers."

Good immediate feedback

In addition to the annual survey, Oslo Airport also has feedback monitors located behind the security check where travellers can instantly provide their feedback.

“This is a tool we use on an ongoing basis to measure customer satisfaction, and to see what travellers are not satisfied with," says Holen.
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"During the summer (June to August), 276,057 travellers stopped at the feedback monitors, and 81% of these pressed the green smiley face (top score), something we are happy with. But we want to be even better."

New security regulations - fewer hand searches

On August 26, Oslo Airport implemented new EU security legislation. Under the new rules, random hand searches of passengers are being replaced by checks using an Explosives Trace Detector (ETD).

“We are absolutely confident that passengers at Oslo Airport will experience this as a positive change because we know that travellers are uncomfortable with manual checks," he says.

"Checks using a particle detector provide an even faster and better experience in security. At the same time, security is handled in a better way."

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