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NEWS Last modified on September 16, 2015

Hong Kong International Airport to install 120 new self bag drop systems

Rockwell Collins is to deploy 120 common use self-service bag drop systems at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), making it one of the largest self-service bag drop projects in the world.

The new technology will allow travellers at one of the world’s busiest airports to self-tag their bags, speeding up the departure process for passengers and reducing handling costs for the airport.

The gateway currently uses Rockwell Collins’ ARINC MUSE passenger processing platform and BagLink baggage message distribution system (MDS).

Under the new agreement signed with Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK), it will integrate the Scan & Fly self-service bag drop solution from Type 22 with the airport’s existing systems to provide a completely seamless self-service baggage solution for passengers.

“It is always our objective to provide the best operational efficiencies and enhance passenger experience to our users from all around the world, and hence we keep track of the latest technologies available and adopt them in HKIA when suitable," says AAHK's deputy director of airport operations, Vivian Cheung. 

"This new self-service solution would equip us with the necessary facilities to make our service even better, as well as matching with the global trend of self-service check-ins."

Heament John Kurian, managing director, IMS Asia Pacific for Rockwell Collins, says: “We’re very excited to be one of the first in the region to deploy a self-service bag drop solution and it’s another example of how Rockwell Collins is providing airports with a suite of self-service technologies that they can build into each phase of the passenger travel experience.”

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