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NEWS Last modified on September 23, 2015

ACI spearheads new initiative to reduce noise from aviation

ACI and the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) have joined forces to launch a new initiative to help reduce noise from aviation.

The result in the publication of Managing the Impacts of Aviation Noise, a best practice guide for reducing aviation noise, especially for communities near airports.

The initiative is to be rolled out to airports and air traffic management organisations across the globe.

ACI's director general, Angela Gittens, says: “The aviation industry needs to address the concerns of local communities about aviation noise to maintain the support of governments and the general public and to maintain our licence to operate. 

"The industry must do more, work collaboratively and pool its collective ingenuity and innovative capabilities, to develop solutions that address the noise challenge. This publication provides a template for action on noise.”

The guide provides key principles and recommended actions for better community interactions, including effective communication, transparency and education.

Eleven case studies highlight actual experience in dealing with airport noise issues along with solutions and examples of stakeholder collaboration essential to reduce the impact of aviation noise.
Jeff Poole, director general, CANSO, said: “The aviation industry has achieved substantial and measurable reductions in noise over the last 50 years through a mixture of airframe and engine technology and operational efforts. But the problem still exists and we must make every effort to mitigate the impact of aviation noise for people on the ground, especially those living around airports. 

"This excellent publication provides airport operators, air navigation service providers (ANSP) and other aviation stakeholders with the tools to take further action on this vital issue for our industry. 

"Key to our success in reducing noise is partnership and joint action among airports, airlines and air traffic management, engaging with local communities, to deliver measurable results. 

"We are now rolling this initiative out to CANSO Members through the aid of regional expert champions and through workshops at CANSO regional conferences, as well as other global and regional events”

Managing the Impacts of Aviation Noise examines the challenge of aviation noise and describes methods that airport operators and ANSPs can use to manage and reduce its impact. 

It reviews four current approaches for managing noise: reducing noise at the source; land use planning; noise-reducing operational procedures; and operating restrictions. Operational procedures include techniques such as tailored arrivals, continuous descent operations, arrival or departure path alternation and managing thrust. 

The noise mitigation measures described in the guide can be collaboratively implemented by ANSPs, airports and aircraft operators. 

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