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Designs approved for Oklahoma's new terminal

Oklahoma's Will Rogers World Airport has announced that the schematic design plans for its terminal expansion project have been given the go-ahead.

The expansion, approved by the Oklahoma City Airport Trust, will include a new streamlined security checkpoint, a public observation gallery, more shopping and dining amenities, space for future international air service and other high-tech enhancements.

It says that the project is driven by the need for more capacity in the terminal.

The airport currently only has one leasable gate available, limiting its ability to attract new airlines or the ability of an existing carrier to add capacity.

To support the TSA’s evolving models of operation, a larger, consolidated security checkpoint with more pre and post-security space also has become imperative.

The Oklahoma City Airport Trust contracted with Oklahoma City-based Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates (FSB) in January 2015 for the design of the expansion.
FSB, a nationally recognised architectural-engineering-planning firm, has led the design process, leveraging expertise from partners HOK.

“Our partnership with FSB and HOK will deliver a truly spectacular addition to the airport terminal,” said Mark Kranenburg, airports director with the Oklahoma City Department of Airports.

“We are positioning ourselves as a premier airport that balances passenger security with the customer experience.

"The new addition will meet that global standard, making Will Rogers World Airport unique compared to other airports across the country.”

Travellers are becoming less dependent on traditional ticket lobby functions and often are checking-in for flights with smart technology devices, notes the airport, stating that the new consolidated security checkpoint has been designed with them in mind.

"It provides easy access and a streamlined process that will allow people to reach the gate quickly, with time to enjoy amenities before boarding a flight," states the airport.

The design introduces an observation gallery that will be unique to Oklahoma City’s airport and recall the golden age of air travel.

A suspended viewing deck in the heart of the terminal will give travelers access to views of the concourses and the airfield. This gallery will feature additional lounge space, exhibits and one-of-a-kind views.

The plans allow for expanded shopping and dining opportunities just footsteps away from the gates, giving travelers more options to relax while they wait for their departure.

The design also calls for the integration of public art installations and for expansive windows and skylights that draw in natural light.

Planned interior enhancements of existing spaces include expanded greeter areas and additional seating in the baggage claim area.

“This project is a symbol of the continued growth of our city and will be a welcoming beacon for Oklahoma City travellers,” says Rick Johnson, principal and chief operating officer of FSB. “

"We look forward to making Will Rogers World Airport a destination for travellers around the globe.”

This expansion project will provide four new gates, with the ability to add six more gates in the future.

“The design will enable the airport to attract new airlines and reintroduce international travel, expanding its destinations and placing Oklahoma City on the map of the world’s top airports” enthuses Will Jenkinson, vice president and regional leader of HOK’s Aviation + Transportation practice.

High-tech improvements will enable passengers to receive real-time flight information.

While a wider concourse will provide a variety of seating options and integrated amenities.

"These state-of-the-art improvements will upgrade Will Rogers World Airport to the next level in travel, attracting visitors from across the world while positioning Oklahoma City with a world-class, modern airport," says the airport.

• Images courtesy of FSB and HOK.

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