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NEWS Last modified on October 12, 2015

ADPI appoints new CEO from within the organisation

Olivier Berger is the new CEO of ADP Ingénierie (ADPI), the engineering and design subsidiary of French airport operator, Aéroports de Paris.

Berger, 50, is a qualified engineer from the École Polytechnique et des Pontset-Chaussée and has managed a number of large-scale infrastructure development projects over the past decade.

Previous employees on the international stage include Alstrom, GDF and Suez.

He succeeded Guillaume Sauvé as ADPI's chief operating officer in January 2015.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Aéroports de Paris, ADP Ingénierie (ADPI) is involved, on an international level, in architectural activities, major regeneration projects (airports and urban expansion) and complex building projects such as airport terminals, stadiums, high-rise towers and theatres.

It also offers consultancy and project management services as well and project management support.

Formed in 2000, ADP Ingénierie is currently managing 165 projects worldwide.


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