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NEWS Last modified on October 14, 2015

New York JFK's Terminal 4 turns pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

New York JFK's Terminal 4 is looking a little pinker this month in support of breast cancer awareness.

Indeed, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in full swing and JFK Airport’s Terminal 4 has partnered with the American Cancer Society to help raise awareness and funds for this important cause.

In collaboration with the American Cancer Society, JFKIAT, the management company which operates Terminal 4, has installed six six-foot place cards in its retail lounge that list facts about breast cancer and will likely be seen by approximately one million travellers.JFK4 BCA ACS

In addition, the terminal is proactively raising funds through promotional events this month. 

Concessions operators are collecting loose change at their stores and JFKIAT will be hosting bake sales throughout the terminal. 

Terminal 4 has currently collected over $9,000, and expects to raise over $20,000 by the end of the month.

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