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NEWS Last modified on October 15, 2015

Darwin and Brisbane pick up Australian Airports Association (AAA) awards

Darwin International Airport (DIA) in Australia took home an Airport Innovation and Excellence Award at last night’s National Airport Industry Awards.

Presented by the Australian Airports Association (AAA), which represents more than 260 airports and aerodromes across the country, the awards recognise excellence within Australia’s airport industry.

DIA won the Commercial category for its expanded terminal, which was opened by former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, earlier this year.

The major project added 16,000 square metres of space and delivered a far greater choice for passengers, thanks to the collaborative approach by DIA and its airline and retail partners.

NT Airports CEO, Ian Kew, was in Hobart to collect the award, and said it was an honour to be recognised.

“Our terminal expansion is one of the biggest projects we’ve ever taken on, and it’s providing great things for our passengers with more space, greater efficiency and a better retail choice when it comes to shopping and eating,” he enthused.

“We have delivered the infrastructure our partners need to grow their businesses in the Top End, and they in turn have made long-term commitments to the region with investments in new facilities.

“It’s wonderful to have my team’s hard work and relationship-building skills acknowledged in this way. These awards demonstrate the value of working with stakeholders, and devoting energy to forward-thinking projects that have benefits for our airport and our community.”

The judging panel praised DIA’s achievements, saying the contemporary approaches to contract and construction management were the “stand out features” of the project.

It also made special mention of how the airport overcame the engineering challenges involved in expanding “the long, narrow terminal… while maintaining normal 24/7 airport operations.”

Another winner at the AAA awards was Brisbane Airport Corporation, which retained its title of ‘Capital City Airport of the Year’.

It also won the Australian Institute of Project Managers (AIPM)/ Defence/Aerospace Project Management Category award for its facilitation of world leaders through Brisbane Airport during the G20 Summit. 

BAC’s and managing director, Julieanne Alroe, said: “These national awards are an enormous and well deserved honour for  each and every BAC team member whose hard work, attention to detail and expertise contributed to our success in these highly sought-after awards.

“To be named Capital City Airport of Year for the second consecutive year among peer airports delivering equally impressive projects was also unexpected and humbling.

“It’s a very exciting period of growth and change in Australia and travellers are fortunate to have an airport and aviation industry working hard to provide the best services and infrastructure available.”

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