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NEWS Last modified on October 15, 2015

Halifax Stanfield's tartan team celebrates 15th anniversary

Halifax Stanfield International Airport's famous 'Tartan Team' of airport volunteers will celebrate their 15th anniversary on Saturday.

The Tartan Team – so called because of their distinctive Nova Scotia tartan vests – began with 18 volunteers in 2000 and now has more than 100 dedicated volunteers, two of which are original members.

Throughout the last fifteen years members, who are part of the gateway's Volunteer Host Program, have logged just over 250,000 hours of service.

“For fifteen years, the Tartan Team has been sharing their warm hospitality with our passengers and visitors,” says Joyce Carter, Halifax International Airport Authority's president and CEO.

“This milestone provides us with an opportunity to recognise and thank our volunteers who are committed to making sure our passengers have the best airport experience possible by displaying the qualities of The Stanfield Way.”

The Stanfield Way is an airport culture programme instilling the virtues of being happy, helpful, courteous, caring and kind. It prepares everyone at Halifax Stanfield – regardless of their employer – to provide a warm, helpful welcome to the millions of passengers and visitors who visit each year.

More than 725 airport community employees have graduated from the program, including 101 Tartan Team volunteers.

The Volunteer Host Program first started with volunteers working one morning shift each day. Now, volunteers provide service at the airport in shifts from 8am to 8pm, seven days per week.
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“Halifax Stanfield is recognised throughout the global airport community for its superior service,” claims Peter Spurway, HIAA’s VP, corporate communications and airport experience. 

“The Tartan Team is a big part of that. They epitomize the heartfelt Atlantic Canadian welcome we strive to offer all of our passengers and visitors. Their world-wide reputation is well-earned.”

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