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NEWS Last modified on October 16, 2015

Nice Côte d'Azur Airport showcases Aelia's new duty free concept

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is looking even nicer these days following the opening of Aelia’s new ‘next generation’ duty free store in Terminal 1.

It says that the new concept relies on 4 key beliefs – the art of the gift; facilitation; care; and ‘here and nowhere else’.

Aelia explains: “The Art of the Gift: for someone else or for oneself, this is the guiding theme for our new generation of stores. Follow the ribbons, treat yourself with a gift from our gift tower and don’t forget your gift-wrapping at the gift bar & cash desk.

“Facilitation: to make the shopping experience seamless and most of all unforgettable.

“Care: showing utmost consideration to our shoppers through our exclusive service programme.

“Here and Nowhere else: to be memorable; exclusive and astonishing experiences were created for Nice.”

And to make this store memorable and unique, Lagardère Travel Retail claims to have created created bespoke and playful experiences for Nice airport, which it reveals was inspired by “iconic and exciting features embodying emotions from the region and translated into retail benefits.”

The travel retail operator adds: “This concept aims to provide passengers with a unique experience that mix glamour, pleasure and the joie de vivre with a luxury twist that will surprise passengers and give them a taste of the Côte d’Azur.”

The exciting new experiences are said to include the chance to take a selfie with

Nao the robot who also guides and entertains; The Riviera Bar; and interactive games with a wide selection of prize gifts at La Scène, where ‘The Nice festival programme’ highlights the key Côte d’Azur events of each season.

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