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NEWS Last modified on October 26, 2015

Heathrow wins enviro award for its fleet of electric vehicles

Heathrow’s vehicle fleet, energy use, and public transport networks have all been singled out as the best in the industry by media awards this month.

Green Fleet Magazine has named Heathrow’s vehicle fleet as the ‘Private Sector Fleet of the Year’ (Medium-Large).

This recognition follows two more accolades - Heathrow was shortlisted for the best in passenger transport by the inaugural National Air Quality Awards and is shortlisted for the Energy Management Award in the forthcoming Edies’ Sustainability Leaders Awards.  

Matt Gorman, Heathrow's director of sustainability and environment, said: “We are honoured to receive these awards, particularly as they recognise the work that we have done in the past few years to improve Heathrow’s air quality and reduce our emissions but we are committed to doing more to be a good neighbour.

"Even with expansion, we can meet air quality limits, and carbon targets, and ensure a bigger Heathrow can be better neighbour.”

He goes on: “Road traffic, particularly in the M4 and M25 junctions around the airport continues to be the greatest contributor to poor air quality, but the majority of this – over 80% - is not airport-related.

"While we have been recognised for making progress, and plans for transformational public transport will change the way many people travel to and from the airport, we cannot solve the air quality problems in West London without the collaboration of City Hall and the government.”

Heathrow’s multi-million pound investments in electric vehicle infrastructure, technology to reduce aircraft emissions, and public transport options have all already played a key part in reducing emissions around the airport by 16% over five years.

In the future, the airport has plans in place to cut emissions even further, including by investing £5 million so that every car or small van owned or leased is electric or plug-in hybrid by 2020.

This initiative on its own could reduce up to 100 tonnes of nitrogen oxide emissions each year from our airside fleet alone.


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