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NEWS Last modified on November 2, 2015

London City Airport launches innovative new car hire service

London City Airport has announced a partnership with DriveNow that allows commuters and holidaymakers to drop off or pick up a car right next to the terminal. 

It is envisaged that customers will primarily be made up of people with business meetings in the city, commuters and holidaymakers.

According to DriveNow, their new 'car sharing service' is simple and easy to use as customers can use their app to reserve a car and head straight into the city within minutes of landing. 

DriveNow is an on-demand ‘free-floating’ car sharing service, with a fleet of 290 BMW 1 series, MINI Countryman and 50 BMW i3s – making it the largest electric car fleet in London.

The innovative partnership opens the possibility of end-to-end journeys; customers can now drive to London City Airport, catch their flight and jump in another DriveNow car upon landing.

The service is available at nine other airports across Europe – Stockholm Arlanda, Copenhagen, Vienna, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin.

Driving costs 39p p/m and fuel costs, parking, insurance and car tax are all included.

London City Airport's commercial director, Tom Murphy, says: “We pride ourselves on offering the best possible experience for customers. This new partnership with DriveNow offers more choice for passengers to make their journey as convenient as possible.”

New users can simply download the app, register their details and find the nearest DriveNow car.

More information is available at: www.drive-now.com.

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