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NEWS Last modified on November 4, 2015

New agency takes over advertising contract at Gatwick Airport

Airport Media and Eye Airports have reached a collaborative agreement that will see the former take over the running and full operations of Gatwick Airport’s media/adveritising sales, with immediate effect.

The development comes straight after Airport Media's recent appointment by Manchester Airport Group, to handle and operate their four UK airports – Manchester, Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth.

Airport Media was set up by Tom Goddard, chairman of Ocean Outdoor and DigiCom OOH, as a new sales and management operation. 

It claims to bring a fresh and innovative approach to airport advertising and offer a digital-centric premium media service.

“The early transfer of Gatwick Airport will enable Airport Media to fast track the launch of its exciting new offering," says Goddard.

Talking about the transition, Andrew Walker, CEO of Eye Airports, notes: “I am proud of the impact that Eye Airports has made on the UK airport advertising industry, and pleased the early transfer of Gatwick’s Media Sales to Airport Media will allow the team to build on what we have already achieved.

"This will allow Eye Airports to focus on its historical specialty - developing the airport advertising opportunities at most of the UK regional airports.”

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