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NEWS Last modified on November 6, 2015

Warsaw Chopin ready for the snow and ice of winter

Warsaw Chopin Airport has officially declared itself ready for the cold Polish winter by unveiling its modern fleet of snow and ice clearing equipment.

Indeed, Poland's capital city gateway claims that its Technical Services team have some of the most modern winter maintenance machinery/equipment on the planet that will ensure that the airport is able to remain open and operational even during the severest of winter storms.

Its fleet of specialist vehicles for clearing snow off of the runway and taxiways consists of snowploughs, tugs and sweepers that between them are able to clean nearly four kilometres of a 45-metrewide runway in just twenty minutes.

In addition Warsaw Chopin uses six vehicles, including the biggest Dammann sprinkling machine in Poland, to de-ice runway/taxiway surfaces and three JetBrooms to clear its aprons of snow.

It stresses that it only uses environmentally friendly and non-corrosive chemicals for de-icing.

"Winter is a real challenge for the aviation transport. Frequent fogs, freezing drizzle or snowfalls can paralyse the work of the airport for hours. Luckily we have a team of experienced and highly qualified people who can cope even in the most demanding conditions," says Radoslaw Paruzel, deputy director of the Warsaw Chopin Airport.

"In effect, Warsaw airport has a reputation of one of the best performing airports in winter. Pilots know that they can always land here safely and will not experience any unpleasant surprises."

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