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NEWS Last modified on November 9, 2015

New Italian style coffee shop opens at Melbourne Airport

A new Italian style coffee shop has opened in Melbourne Airport's Terminal 4 that is set to tempt passengers with its selection of drinks, cakes and ice creams.

According to the airport, Brunetti will offer Melburnians and visitors alike an extensive food and beverage menu with its famous Roman Pasticceria delights, as well as Italian inspired dishes for those seeking a heartier meal before they fly.

Exclusive to the Melbourne Airport store, Brunetti has created bespoke options for travellers, with mignon and macaron packs available for holidaymakers on the run.

Known for its authentic Italian coffee, Brunetti’s passionate and experienced baristas will be serving up two specially crafted blends tailored ensuring a quality taste every time.

F&B offerings will include Campagnola and Margherita Pizza in Pala, Prosciutto di Parma Focaccia and Insalata di Salmone affumicato along with Brunetti’s well known sweets, cakes and pastries.

For the new Melbourne Airport store, Brunetti enlisted the expertise of Technè Architects who have referenced the flagship store's theatrical central coffee bar.

It joins Oporto, a new look McDonald’s Burger Bar, Think Asia, Ali Baba and Salsa’s while two Johns Taphouse will open soon.

Melbourne Airport's executive customer, Andrew Gardiner, says: “We’re aiming to provide travellers with a truly Melbourne experience at Terminal 4, and Brunetti is synonymous with Melbourne’s renowned coffee culture.

"We’re thrilled Brunetti has joined the Melbourne Airport family and is now sharing their authentic Italian flavours with travellers.”


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