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NEWS Last modified on November 9, 2015

Record breaking October for London Luton Airport

Over one million passengers passed through London Luton Airport (LLA) in October taking it past 12 million passengers in 12 months for the first time in its 77 year history.

The 21.5% increase over the same month a year ago marks 19 months of consecutive growth in passenger numbers for the airport, which is currently undergoing a £110m development project to increase annual capacity from 12 million to 18mppa.

The project will also deliver major upgrades to the airport’s facilities, including:

• A complete redesign of the terminal to create a quick, efficient, friendly and convenient passenger experience

• Improved rail services with overnight trains from Luton Airport Parkway and the addition of Oyster card services through to the terminal building

• Doubling of the existing retail space, introducing exciting shopping and dining options and creating a new "world-class" executive lounge`


Works already completed include a relocated and expanded security search area featuring the latest screening technology.

Users of the airport have also benefitted from major improvements to junction 10a of the M1 motorway, according to the gateway.

Nick Barton, CEO of LLA, enthuses: “Reaching this milestone in our passenger numbers is a hugely significant moment for LLA and a clear indication that our expansion is very timely.

"With air capacity in the South East being such a pressing issue we are committed to playing our part to meet demand and providing the best possible experience for all our passengers.”

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