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NEWS Last modified on November 12, 2015

New Aeronautical and Academic Library opens next to New York-LaGuardia

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Flushing, New York, has completed the new Aeronautical and Academic Library and Learning Center, just 200ft from one of the runways at LaGuardia Airport.

“The new two-story, $2.6-million library and learning centre was the final phase of the $40-million multi-phased expansion, renovation, and sound mitigation construction programme at the college’s main campus,” says Regina Gallagher Marengo, president of construction manager, Ensign Engineering.

“The renovation equipped Vaughn College with expanded and upgraded educational facilities, including the new library, and the robust sound insulation necessary for a college located only 200 feet from one of LaGuardia Airport’s runways.”

The 83-year-old private college is a cutting edge engineering and technology education hub for more than 1,700 students offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programmes in engineering, technology, aviation, and management. 

Established in Newark, New Jersey, in  1932 in Newark, it moved to its current location in 1941. 

“The new 11,000sqft library replaced the outdated and insufficient library previously located in a different section of the main building,” explains Richard Piacentini, senior project architect at John Ciardullo Associates.  

“During the pre-design phase, the library leadership expressed the need for more space, additional stacks for the expanding collection, and a large meeting and study area to accommodate students between classes.”

It clearly got what it wanted as today's library is designed to hold a collection of 26,300 items and boasts 2,654 linear feet of shelving and filing space. 


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