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NEWS Last modified on November 12, 2015

Katy Perry performs as Dubai launches new musicDXB initiative

Dubai Airports launched its new initiative musicDXB in fine style yesterday as ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finalists and the UK’s new swing kings Jack Pack lit up the world’s largest stage for the first time during a 30-minute pop up concert at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

According to Dubai Airports, musicDXB sets a new standard for global travel by creating a platform for artists to perform and entertain passengers at the world's busiest international airport.

"It will feature performances from global superstars, the hottest emerging international acts and up-and-coming local artists to entertain and engage passengers passing through Dubai International," says Dubai Airports.

And fans who don’t manage to catch the acts live in the airport will be able to enjoy highlights on Dubai Airports’ social media platforms.

Dubai Airports’ CEO Paul Griffiths says: “The celebration of music has only just begun. Over the next eight weeks we will be showcasing some of the UAE’s top musical talent.

"We are also extending an invitation to musicians the world over. If you want to play on our stage, if you believe you have what it takes to stand out and entertain a growing global audience, we want to hear from you!”

Musicians, who are travelling to or through Dubai in January and beyond, are invited to email and supply links to samples of their work, travel dates and a short testimonial as to why they want to participate in musicDXB.

Katy Perry set the scene for today's announcement with a performance at the invitation-only Dubai Airshow Gala Dinner held at the Atlantis in Dubai on Tuesday.

Perry performed a spectacular 90 minute show featuring hits from her Prismatic Tour including I Kissed A Girl, Roar and culminating with a rendition of Fireworks as a firework display lit up the Dubai sky behind her.

Dubai Airports’ executive vice president of commercial & communications, Eugene Barry, said: “Katy Perry was our first and only choice as the feature act for this exclusive event. She has been the most consistent hit-maker in the last half-decade and is a social media phenomenon.

"Her creativity, talent and impressive achievements inspire hundreds of millions of fans around the world as she connects the world with music. We have a very similar aspiration in mind with our musicDXB programme."

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