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NEWS Last modified on November 16, 2015

Coffee drinkers win the battle of the beverages at London City Airport

It appears as if passengers at London City Airport (LCY) do literally wake up and smell the coffee as the gateway reveals that it sold 25,000 cups of the beverage last month!

LCY claims to have discovered its passengers love of coffee during a new survey looking into the drinking habits of airport visitors.

Remarkably for a nation of tea drinkers, the humble cuppa was completely overshadowed by the sale of over 800 coffees a day, with cappuccinos the best seller.

October was a significant month for the airport as it enjoyed its busiest ever week – 94,686 passengers from the week commencing Monday 19th – and welcomed 408,544 passengers overall.

In total,  25,773 coffees were sold meaning that one in every 15 passengers grabbed a caffeine fix before their flight or whilst waiting for arriving friends and family.


The coffee fest involved 4,616 cappuccinos, 3,789 lattes and 2,364 Americanos whilst the cup of tea, thought for a long time to be Britain’s favourite drink, was booted out of first place and accounted for just a fifth of the airport’s total hot drink sales combined with hot chocolates.

Research by the Financial Times earlier this year found that the UK is a nation of coffee addicts with 1.7 billion cups sold per year. Indeed, one in five people will visit a coffee shop every day, up from one in nine just five years ago.

An LCY spokesperson said: “For a nation of tea drinkers though it’s quite surprising to see just how many coffees we sell, and we’ve been looking into the reasons behind the high numbers.

"One in 15 might not sound much but it all works out as nearly 831 litres a day, which is around eight people’s water consumption in an entire year!

“If you factor in our busiest times of day, which is usually between 7am and 10am and then 5pm and 7pm, it looks as if we have passengers that need a cup of coffee to help them perk up before heading off in the morning or keep them awake when flying back in the evening.”

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