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NEWS Last modified on November 16, 2015

Oslo Airport unveils vision of the future for F&B and convenience store offerings

Oslo Airport has released a sneak preview of the new food, beverage and convenience store offerings that will open at the gateway in April 2017!

A total of five operators have been selected to serve food and beverages to the passengers at Norway's main airport.

"A long, meticulous selection process has resulted in our decision to enter into a partnership with five operators," says Øyvind Hasaas, managing director of Oslo Airport.

"These operators submitted the overall best tenders and we feel certain that the Norwegian people will be pleased with our choices."

The five winners are SSP, HMSHost-UMOE F&B Company, Reitan Convenience Norway, Joe & The Juice and BIT.

The number of F&B establishments will increase from the current 20 to 37, while the number of convenience stores (kiosks) will increase from six to ten. 

Fiskeriet kart high copy

"Our ambition has always been to bring in more operators, and now we have a good mix of companies that will provide better and more extensive food, beverage and kiosk offerings than what we have today," says Hasaas. 

"Our ambition has always been to provide the best possible services for our passengers. While our current food, beverage and kiosk offerings are good, we believe that this will be enhanced when we open an airport nearly double its present size in April 2017."

Among the existing food and beverage establishments, Peppes Pizza, O`Learys, La Baguette, W.B Samson, Caffè Ritazza, Starbucks and Aquavit Bar will continue, while Franks Deli and Upper Crust will be phased out.

"We have wanted a broad selection where passengers can choose among both international and Norwegian menus. Several of the establishments have Norwegian food and beverages on the menu, while others have a more international flavour.

"It is this combination that makes us certain that our passengers can look forward to excellent culinary experiences, at acceptable prices," Hasaas concludes.

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