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NEWS Last modified on November 18, 2015

Washington DC's airports unveil new logo and passenger pledge

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) has unveiled a new logo and passenger pledge as part of a comprehensive branding initiative focused on enhancing customer service at Washington’s Reagan National and Dulles airports.

According to MWAA, it has undergone numerous changes to enhance the customer experience in the last few years, including a major redevelopment of its F&B concessions, additional parking options, online customer satisfaction surveys and new website.

Now it says that it is reinforcing these improvements with a new brand centred around a recommitment to its customers.

The new tagline 'Your Journey Begins with Us' recognises that an enjoyable travel experience begins when a passenger arrives at the airport, claims the airport operator.

“This new logo incorporates every part of our organsation into one symbol,” says Jack Potter, president and CEO.

“The new brand embodies our choice to embrace change, to innovate and to lead. We want this logo to represent our resolve to serve the needs of the traveling public.”

The branding effort also features a new 'passenger pledge', that it believes further reinforces its airports commitment to providing top-quality facilities and services, as well as a promise by airport leadership to advocate for customers when working with other entities that make up the airport community – such as the airlines, TSA and US Customs and Border Protection.
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“This brand is more than just the colour scheme and a logo. At its core an organsation needs to stand for something; at Reagan National and Dulles International we choose to stand for our passengers,” notes executive vice president and chief revenue officer, Jerome Davis.

“To best serve our passengers, we need to better know them. So as part of this effort we are conducting significant passenger outreach which will let us tailor our offerings to provide the variety of amenities and services our customers want in order to win their loyalty every day.”

Prior to kicking off the brand campaign, MWAA performed extensive customer research, which included employee and passenger interviews, focus groups, competitive brand studies and data analysis of traveller habits across more than 15 US and international airports.

The comprehensive study, it says. has resulted in a deeper understanding of passengers and allows MWAA to better target its services to meet their needs.

Reagan National and Dulles expect more than 1.1 million passengers to pass through their facilities during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday period.

“While our commitment to our passengers is not new, this holiday travel season is the perfect time to reinforce it and to let our passengers know just how important they are to us and to everything we do,” comments executive vice president and COO, Margaret McKeough.

“As we approach the busy holiday travel period, our airport staff, retail and restaurant operators, and the host of teams behind-the-scenes are ready for the expected increase in travellers.

"We will even have our leadership team out in force in the airports, connecting with passengers and answering their questions.”

As part of the new brand launch, a familiar message was delivered to passengers who intend to travel during the holiday travel season – arrive early.

At Dulles, technology is in place to provide passengers with real-time security wait times. At Reagan National, passengers can reserve their parking in advance through the e-park system.

Over the next several weeks, MWAA will launch radio and print advertising highlighting the 'Your Journey Begins with Us' branding campaign theme. The new logo and passenger pledge will be posted throughout the airports.


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