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NEWS Last modified on November 27, 2015

CDM has reduced Helsinki Airport's operating costs by €4 million annually

Helsinki Airport has been hailed for the success of its Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) initiatives by Eurocontrol, which claims that its introduction has saved the gateway and its airlines up to €4 million per annum in operating costs.

The glowing assesment is based on a Eurocontrol commissiond study of airport operator Finavia's approach to CDM since introducing it at Finland's capital city gateway in 2012.

In addition to the savings, the study says that CDM or Airport–Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) as it is often referred to within the industry, has also been good for the environment.
"The evaluation confirmed the observations that we have compiled in regard to CDM use. The benefits mostly align with what we anticipated when introducing the new operating method in 2012," says Heini Noronen-Juhola, Helsinki Airport's deputy director.

The study evaluated the benefits from January 2014 to January 2015, during which period aircraft taxiing times decreased by 60,000 minutes or almost 42 days.

Also the time spent on delays decreased by 86,000 minutes or nearly 60 days.

As a result of the A-CDM operating method, the study reveals that the airlines saved more than 800 tonnes of fuel due to the shorter taxiing times and more detailed information about when the aircraft can depart from the gate. 
Helsinki Airport
Burning less fuel meant that carbon dioxide emissions at the airport decreased by 2,600 tonnes and sulphur dioxide emissions by 0.7 tonnes. 

The benefits achieved translate into costs savings of €650,000 in fuel and €3.5 million in shorter delays.

"Thanks to CDM, airlines will save money," enthuses Noronen-Juhola.

"The main benefits of CDM to Finavia are based on operations being easier to predict and that we will be capable of using our infrastructure more effectively than before."

The study adds that A-CDM has ensured more effective winter operations at Helsinki Airport based on the fact that the ice removal process is now integrated better with production control ultimately allowing for improved utilisation of the airfield.

As part of the new operating methods, Helsinki Airport ice removal areas have also introduced electronic message boards with the goal of ensuring a high level of safety and taking traffic well into account. The message boards are part of the same information flow as the A-CDM system.

Finavia became the first airport operator in the northern Europe to introduce A-CDM in 2012. It is currently being used by 35 airports across the continent.

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