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NEWS Last modified on December 1, 2015

Busiest ever Xmas period expected for Lapland's airports

Lapland's airports are expecting a record breaking winter with more flights and passengers handled across its five gateways than ever before during the Xmas period.

A total of 430 charter flights are planned to Lapland this December, more than in the previous winter, with the traffic slowly building up towards Christmas Day.

According to Finnish airport operator, Finavia, measured by the number of charter flights, the busiest airports in December will be the recently modernised Kittilä (153 flights) and Rovaniemi (141 flights).

Kittilä is expected to have as many flights as in the year before, whereas the corresponding figure at Rovaniemi Airport will increase by 13 flights.

Furthermore, the charter flight volume will increase in Enontekiö and Ivalo – Enontekiö will have 57 charter flights and Ivalo 69 flights.

Approximately 10 charter flights have also been scheduled to Kuusamo.
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Charter flight traffic started on 20 November, when the first charter flight landed at Enontekiö Airport.

The number of flights increases gradually as we get closer to Christmas and, between Christmas and New Year, as many as 30 flights will arrive at Lapland's airports daily.

Most of the Christmas tourists come from Great Britain with significant numbers also coming from from France, the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland, and from Russia around New Year.

“The increase in the number of charter flights depicts the attractiveness of Lapland as a tourist attraction, even though the global economic situation is uncertain," says Joni Sundelin, director at Finavia.

"The popularity of Lapland as a safe destination may also be increased by the recent world events."

As part of Finavia's extensive development programme, it will invest more than €30 million in its airports in Lapland between 2014 and 2016.

This year, terminal modernisations were completed in Ivalo and Rovaniemi. Kittilä was earlier furnished with a more enjoyable facelift in addition to a smoother travel experience.

Finavia's goal is to keep the pricing and service levels of its airports competitive to act as a catalyst for air traffic at the airport. 

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