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NEWS Last modified on December 3, 2015

Calvin Klein's new perfume to appeal to Gatwick's millenials

Luxury fashion brand Calvin Klein has chosen Gatwick Airport as a key site for the launch of a new worldwide ad campaign for its new perfume CK2.

Its decision is apparently based on the fact that the perfume is exclusively for the travel retail market and because millenials, its target audience, account for 42% of Gatwick's passenger journeys and fifth of all global tourists.

Calvin Klein has called on its target millennial consumers to celebrate being in love with the hashtag #the2ofus.

The launch marks Gatwick Airport's largest travel retail advertising campaign, seeking to raise awareness and drive sales by using spectacular and digital sites that dominate the departing passenger experience, particularly in close proximity to World Duty Free.
According to Airport Media, this selection of formats delivers impact and standout across both terminals, includingits large format HD digital screens and digital six-sheet network.

Coty's marketing director travel retail & export worldwide, Markus Staus, said of the millennial audience: “This generation is not fighting for freedom anymore. For them it’s all about connectivity, togetherness and having a great time, which is indeed true of their journey through airports and onwards, on leisure travels abroad."



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