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NEWS Last modified on December 9, 2015

New e-commerce depot for logistics arm of Hong Kong's biggest cargo handler

The subsidiary of Hong Kong International Airport's largest air cargo handler, Hactl, has opened a new depot in mainland China directly targeting e-commerce business.

The depot, located in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone in Nansha in southern Guangzhou, is described by Hong Kong Air Cargo Industry Services (Hacis) as the latest destination for SuperLink China Direct service.

It will handle express road feeder services for both general cargo and cross-border e-commerce cargo to and from Hong Kong Internatiional Airport and enjoy the benefit of simplified Customs declaration and clearance.

Air cargo arriving in Hong Kong will be trucked in bond to Nansha in three hours, using Customs e-seals. Consignees can perform Customs formalities according to the cargo flow at destination.

Nansha became China’s sixth State-level New Area in 2012, and is receiving national support through a series of preferential policies and reforms covering tax policy, land management, financial innovation and industrial development.

It is now one of the eight pilot cross-border e-commerce zones approved by China Government, and is becoming a favoured location for logistics facilities.

Nansha is generally felt to be leading the economic transformation and development of the Pearl River Delta.


Hacis' managing director, Vivien Lau, says: “Chinese consumers are increasingly seeking overseas commodities such as healthcare products and foodstuffs, and ordering these online.

“As the e-commerce market matures and becomes more price-driven, fulfilment is moving closer to the market to achieve economies of scale and cost reductions in logistics.

"Hong Kong has the global air services needed by this growing business, and Hacis’ opportunity is to provide reliable and highly-cost-efficient onward connections to the new generation of e-commerce fulfilment centres in China."

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