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NEWS Last modified on December 11, 2015

November traffic figures up at Norway's airports

Norway's 46 airports handled around four million passengers in November – a rise of 1.9% on the same month a year ago.

A total of 1.9 million passengers (+4.2%) passed through Oslo Airport during the month, with domestic traffic rising by 3.4% and the number of international passenger increasing by 5%.

"International traffic has increased steadily throughout the year, and we are now also seeing growth in domestic traffic, says Avinor's head of communications, Gurli Høeg Ulverud.

"There are a number of reasons for this. For example, there has been good growth in the routes to Northern Norway, which is a result of more and more foreign tourists passing through Oslo Airport on their way north."

Trondheim Airport experienced growth totalling 2.9%, compared with the corresponnding month last year. Domestic traffic was the main source of the higher numbers (3.8%). 

"Development in our domestic routes is good, particularly the route between Trondheim and Oslo," explains Trondheim Airport's managing director, Lasse Bardal. 

Bergen Airport, Flesland has seen a decline of 2.8%t overall, but with solid growth in international traffic (6%). Stavanger Airport experienced a decline totalling 7.3%, compared with November 2014. 

Local variations – growth in the north

There are also local variations in the other airports that are part of the Avinor network.

Florø, for example, is feeling the downturn in the offshore sector, where traffic has dropped by a total of 18.3% compared with last year. 

However, according to Avinor, in general the airports in the north of the country have seen "robust growth".

These have included Alta (+15%), Hammerfest (+34.9%) and Bodø and Tromsø which posted 7% and 10.4% increases respectively compared with the same period in 2014.

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