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NEWS Last modified on December 14, 2015

Manchester Airport to hold Jobs Fair with 2,500 positions up for grabs

It’s set to be a very happy New Year at Manchester Airport for some with 2,500 jobs up for grabs at the gateway at a Jobs Fair on January 13, 2016.

The gateway is already one of the largest centres of employment in the North West with more than 21,500 people directly employed on site, supporting a further 45,000 jobs in the region.

With more than 70 airlines offering direct flights from Manchester to over 210 destinations worldwide, the airport has experienced an impressive period of significant growth, and in November setting a new all-time record for the number of people using the airport, rising to over 23 million annually.

The ongoing successful performance of the airport has resulted in the creation of huge number of new roles across the entire airport, in order to meet the increased number of people and planes using the airport.

To help fill the new roles, a Jobs Fair will be taking place at Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor Park on Wednesday 13 January 2016, with 26 employers in attendance to recruit job-hunters for a variety of roles, including:

  • - Airport security
  • - Check-in
  • - Baggage handlers
  • - Cabin crew
  • - Retail
  • - Hospitality
  • - Aircraft dispatchers
  • - Engineering
  • - Drivers
  • - Customer service
  • - Receptionists

Manchester Airport will have a number of permanent positions available at the Jobs Fair in addition to the other companies exhibiting.

Manchester Airport’s managing director, Ken O’Toole, says: “We are delighted that 2,500 jobs will be available across the airport site at the Jobs Fair in January 2016.

"Not only will these roles directly feed into, and increase, the 21,500 positions currently across the airport site, but they will also plug into the wider 45,000 jobs the airport indirectly supports across the region.

“Manchester Airport not only plays a vital role in providing international connectivity for the region, it is also an economic provider and job creator.

"In the North West alone the airport makes an economic impact of £1.7 billion. As we grow and increase upon our 23 million passengers and 210 destinations, in turn employment and economic value will also continue to grow.

“We look forward to welcoming people from our local communities and the wider region on 13th January and wish them every success in accessing the variety of roles available.”

Employers in addition to Manchester Airport set to be at the Jobs Fair, include:

  • · World Duty Free Group
  • · The Nuance Group
  • · Costa Coffee
  • · WH Smith
  • · Aviator
  • · Menzies Aviation
  • · Holiday Inn Express
  • ·Jet2.com
  • · Jet2Holidays

Manchester Airport recruitment staff, supported by the Airport Academy, will also be on hand throughout the day to help with applications and give CV master-classes.

So far this year the Airport Academy has helped over 200 people into employment.

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