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NEWS Last modified on December 21, 2015

Brisbane Airport appoints its own 'artist-in-residence'

Robert Brownhall, one of Australia's most renowned realist painters, has been chosen by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) as its first ‘Artist-in-Residence’.

The unique collaboration, which is believed to be the first appointment of its kind for an Australian airport, is the latest step by BAC in its support of local performing and visual arts.

Julieanne Alroe BAC CEO and managing director said the ‘Artist in Residence’ programme is an extension of BAC’s long-term commitment to the arts that would create a legacy of nurturing and supporting local artists.

“BAC invests heavily in Brisbane’s art scene as the city is rapidly becoming known as a cultural capital and we want to play a part in that," she says.

"The role of the ‘Artist in Residence’ is to develop a suite of sketches and paintings depicting everyday events, people, architecture and changes at Brisbane Airport (BNE).
Robert Brownhall 0020

“Robert Brownhall is well known for capturing the stories of Brisbane and its people through vivid paintings and sketches and, as the front door to Queensland for 22 million people each year, we thought Brisbane Airport was an ideal place for Robert to chronicle."

Brownhall will have an exclusive access-all-areas pass to both the International and Domestic Terminals, allowing him a unique behind-the-scenes view of one of Australia’s busiest airports.

“We’re excited to see what moments in time he will capture in his art, providing a beautiful and lasting legacy over his time at Brisbane Airport,” adds Alroe.

Artist Robert Brownhall admits that he was excited to spend time at Brisbane Airport and to have the opportunity to paint and sketch such a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

“Airports are fascinating places. Some areas are bustling with human activity others have exciting and dramatic architecture. I also like the large long windows that feature the landscape and the great skies of South East Queensland," he says.

Philip Bacon of Brisbane’s Philip Bacon Galleries, notes: “BAC's support for the arts in Brisbane is exemplary, and this inaugural ‘Artist in Residence’ programme is further proof, if proof was required, of the importance they place on the role of the arts in defining a city, a state, and a nation."

The gateway boasts one of the country’s largest collections of public art displayed throughout the terminals and airport precinct.

Indeed, more than 100 pieces valued at over $10 million have been variously commissioned and acquired by the airport over the years, including the recently unveiled 750m long ‘Sensory Hug’ by the late Mrs Sally Gabori in the International Terminal and ‘Woven Wonders of the Reef’ by Brian Robinson at Skygate.


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