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NEWS Last modified on December 30, 2015

Hong Kong celebrates the opening of its new $10 billion Midfield Concourse

Hong Kong International Airport has further boosted its capacity with the opening of its new HK$10 billion Midfield Concourse.

The 105,000sqm complex, which is connected to Terminal 1 by Automated People Mover (APM), boasts 20 aircraft parking stands and the capacity to handle up to 10 million passengers per annum.

Speaking at this week’s opening ceremony, Airport Authority Hong Kong’s chairman, Jack So, called the opening of the Midfield Concourse (MFC) an “important development” for the airport.

“It is an important development as it will help the airport meet increasing passenger demand,” enthused So.

“In the past 12 months, Hong Kong International Airport has handled 68.2 million passengers – a year-on-year increase of 8.3%.

"With its capacity to serve an additional 10 million passengers every year, the MFC will enable us to increase the number of flights using airbridges to board and disembark, enhancing the overall passenger experience.”

Located to the west of Terminal 1 and between the two existing runways, construction of the five-storey new concourse began in 2011 and, noted So, was completed on schedule this week.

According to operator, AAHK, the concourse will gradually introduce restaurants, coffee shops and retail outlets to provide passengers with a “one-stop shopping and dining experience”.

The first departure from the MFC was Hong Kong Airlines flight HX658 bound for Okinawa, and AAHK marked the occasion by handing out gifts to all 300 passengers.

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AAHK’s executive director of president of airport operations, C K Ng, revealed that usage of the MFC will be slowly cranked up over the coming months.

“We expect it will serve about 20% of daily passenger flights when operating at full capacity by next March,” he noted.

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