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NEWS Last modified on December 30, 2015

Record breaking year for Warsaw's Chopin Airport which breaks 11mppa for the first time

Warsaw's Chopin Airport had broken all records this year by handling more than 11 million passengers for the first time in its history.

And, although there is still one day to go until the end of the year, the airport decided to mark the occasion by celebrating the achievement with the eleven millionth, one hundred and eleven thousandth, one hundred and eleventh passenger to pass through its doors in 2015!

The lucky passenger was Barbara Borkała who flew to Warsaw from Vienna by LOT Polish Airlines Embraer 195, who on walking into the terminal was greeted with a musical parade, rain of confetti and cake and tickets for two to Tokyo from LOT Polish Airlines.

She also received a 'Good Start' card entitling her to annual admission for two people to the airport’s Executive Lounges.
“This is a unique event for us, because for the first time in the history of the airport, we have exceeded 11 million passengers handled in a calendar year," said Chopin Airport director, Michał Kaczmarzyk.

"The total means that we now join the largest and most important airports in Central Europe.

"We are proud that our daily work, as well as close co-operation with our partners - mainly with LOT – brings a steady increase in traffic and such good results."

Warsaw Chopin's previous best year was in 2013 when 10.6 million passengers used the gateway.

Poland's capital city gateway is capable of handling up to 26mppa.


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