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NEWS Last modified on January 5, 2016

Abu Dhabi to deploy new performance enhancing technology across all three terminals

Abu Dhabi International Airport is to deploy new SITA technology across its three terminals as part of its bids to raise its capacity to 45mppa by 2017.

According to SITA, the investment in its latest innovations will bring the airport’s entire IT infrastructure in line with those planned for the airport's new Midfield Terminal Building, which is currently under construction.

Operator, Abu Dhabi Airports, is confident that the new technologies will help improve the gateway's operational efficiency while providing a seamless passenger experience across all terminals.

As part of the five-year contract, SITA will provide a range of advanced and fully integrated airport systems.

They include its Airport Management solution – which will allow Abu Dhabi Airports to proactively manage the operation of AUH by providing real-time information from across all facilities – as well as AirportConnect and BagManager.
In addition to these three systems, passengers will also enjoy new automated boarding gates and flight information display systems.

Ahmad Al Haddabi, chief operations officer, Abu Dhabi Airports, said: “Abu Dhabi International Airport continues to experience double-digit passenger growth and therefore we are investing in new airport facilities that will allow us to accommodate the forecast future increase in passengers.

"In order to achieve this we require a trusted technology partner, such as SITA, to provide one-stop, integrated IT solutions across the airport.”

Abu Dhabi International Airport currently serves over 103 destinations in 56 countries and in 2014 accommodated over 20 million passengers.

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