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NEWS Last modified on January 5, 2016

Glasgow Airport to upgrade the baggage carousels in international arrvials

BEUMER Group has been awarded the contract to design, deliver, install and commission an upgrade to the international arrivals baggage reclaim carousels at Scotland’s Glasgow Airport. 

The contract, which was awarded to BEUMER Group as the principal contractor, forms part of Glasgow Airport’s strategic plan to create a modern, attractive airport and to support future growth in passenger numbers.

According to BEUMER, the existing carousels in the international arrivals baggage hall are based on obsolete, legacy equipment which is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

And it claims that this scenario compromised both the airport’s ability to maintain the carousels and the overall reliability of the system.

However, it insists that the three new carousels will deliver higher reliability and throughput in addition to providing passengers with a faster reclaims process.

The control software for the new carousels will be fully integrated into Glasgow Airport’s existing control systems.

“We were awarded this prestigious project due to our proven ability to upgrade legacy baggage handling systems with minimal disruption to the daily operation of the airport," explains Peter Gilks, BEUMER Group UK's managing director airport division.

BEUMER Group is on track to have the new international arrivals baggage reclaim carousels fully operational by May 2016.

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