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NEWS Last modified on January 14, 2016

Finland's airports welcome more than 20 million passengers for the first time

Helsinki Airport handled a record 16.4 million passengers in 2015 as more than 20mppa passed through Finland's gateways for the first time in a calendar year.

The annual upturn in Helsinki – 15.9 million passengers used the airport in 2014 – almost amounts to the population of Finland's capital city.

Airport operator, Finavia, reports increases in both domestic traffic and international air traffic across the board.

As a result, Rovaniemi set an all-time passenger volume record, and Oulu was once again in the million-passenger club.

Tourism in Lapland is recovering to almost the same level it was in its peak years, says Finavia.

The yearly total of 20,083,297 passengers across its airport network represents a 2% increase on the previous year, the bulk of passengers (74%) travelling on international flights.

In October–December, four million international passengers (+5.5%) flew via Helsinki Airport. 
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Overall the number of transit passengers at Helsinki Airport increased by 3.1% to 2.6 million, the majority of Asian passengers coming from Japan and China.

“The demand for air traffic is still continuing to increase rapidly, and we are powerfully involved in the growth, which can be seen in the record-breaking passenger volumes," enthuses Joni Sundelin, director at Finavia.

"We believe that the good growth in transit traffic between Europe and Asia will also continue next year.

"Signing a partnership agreement with the biggest Asian airport was a significant step for us in strengthening our position. The appeal of Lapland as a tourist destination also shows in the air traffic figures." 

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