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NEWS Last modified on January 14, 2016

Free yoga rooms opened at Frankfurt Airport

A place to exercise and relax are not words normally associated with the world's airports, but they could be used to describe Frankfurt Airport from this week following the opening of its new yoga rooms.

Airport operator,Fraport, has opened two professionally equipped and free yoga rooms in the airport's passenger terminals.  

Indeed, visitors will find all the required ranging from yoga mats, blocks, cushions and pads, and a floor-to-ceiling mirror helps practitioners check their posture. 

Videos on monitor screens explain exercises to music while the gateway claims that subdued lighting and a wall-sized Buddha evoke "an appropriate ambiance".

This new service at Frankfurt Airport is available to transferring passengers who have enough time between flights. 

Passengers can find the yoga rooms located in Terminal 1 past the security checkpoint near gates C14 and C16, and in Terminal 2 past the passport checkpoint near gates D1 to D4. 

Open around the clock, the yoga rooms can be enjoyed free of charge.

Fraport says that the yoga rooms are the latest customer service focused initiative intriduced under the umbrella of its “Great to have you here!” service quality programme.

Oher examples are the Frankfurt Airport App 3.0 and free 24-hour Wi-Fi. 

• Hindus have applauded the launching of two yoga rooms at Frankfurt Airport, calling it a step in the positive direction.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Chicago O'Hare International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Burlington International Airport Vermont and Chicago Midway International Airport, Sioux Falls Regional Airport in the US and Helsinki Airport in Finland, already offer yoga facilities.

And Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed, is urging more to follow suit if they want to help reduce their stress levels and be “world-class” airports.

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