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NEWS Last modified on January 17, 2016

Trendy new uniforms for Denver's customer service teams

Images courtesy of Denver International Airport. Images courtesy of Denver International Airport.

Denver’s customer service teams arguably have the coolest uniforms of any airport on the planet after the launch of a sporty new-look this year.

The new blue plaid uniforms – launched in partnership with Colorado-based Spyder Active Sports – are being worn by customer service agents at information booths, airport Ambassadors and volunteer handlers and dogs from its Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS).

“The new look for our customer service team will increase the visibility of our dedicated volunteers and employees who answer questions, direct passengers and help introduce millions of people every year to our special brand of Colorado hospitality," says Denver International Airport’s CEO, Kim Day.

"We are creating a new look and identity that reflects the spirit of the Rocky Mountain region, where we actively engage with passengers to help create an elevated travelling experience.”

The new uniforms are also featured in the ongoing temporary art exhibit, Colorado Innovation: Ski & Snowboard Industry, an exhibition featuring leading Colorado-based companies within the ski and snowboard industries.

The exhibition is on display until March in Ansbacher Hall on level 6 of the Jeppesen Terminal and was curated in partnership with Icelantic Skis, Never Summer Industries, Powder Factory Skis, and Spyder Active Sports.

Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS)

Launched in October 2015, the CATS programme brings certified therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers to the airport concourses to help passengers deal with the anxiety of air travel.

Each dog is a family pet and must be shown to have a calm, friendly demeanor in public.

Dogs and their owners are trained, certified and insured by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs, and an annual recertification is required for both the dogs and their owners.

Each CATS team must have at least one year of therapy dog experience at another facility before service at Denver International Airport (DEN).

In addition, all CATS volunteers complete DEN customer service training and field evaluations to ensure the airport’s busy environment is a good fit.

Handlers also must pass airport security background checks, fingerprinting and security testing prior to receiving an airport ID badge.
Airport Ambassadors

According to the airport, the hospitality that travellers find at DEN has a lot to do with customer interaction with its Ambassador volunteers. 

The popular programme utilises committed volunteers who donate a minimum of 36 hours per quarter and undergo customer service training. 

“From the moment travellers step off a plane or walk into Jeppesen Terminal, there’s a friendly and efficient team looking out for them,” says the airport.

“Whether directing passengers to a connecting flight, helping to reunite long-lost friends, or capturing a group photo, there is no task these 300 Ambassadors won’t take on.”

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