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NEWS Last modified on January 21, 2016

New terminal layout and sense of place facilities planned for Toulouse-Blagnac

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport has revealed that creating a 'sense of place' is one of the key motivations behind the decision to reconfigure Halls A and B in its terminal.

The gateway to south western France handles over 7.5 million passengers per annum and the airport is forecast to experience a marked increase in traffic this year through the expansion of a number of new leisure routes in the spring and summer seasons.

The anticipated rise in passenger numbers is, however, expected to challenge the current terminal layout, so in order to better equip the facility to handle an increase in throughput and create a new sense of place environment it has appointed The Design Solution to design the reconfiguration of Halls A and B.

Located at the heart of the European aircraft industry, the current terminal layout design at Toulouse splits passenger flows immediately after the landslide boundary and this, allied to a change in floor level, has made the layout sub-optimal in terms of fully addressing the commercial opportunity. 

The design project will incorporate the re-location of a number check-in desks in order to expand the potential for a much more concentrated airside space, including the prospect of a major walk-through duty free shop – a concept that The Design Solution has successfully tailored to drive the retail performance at a number of airports across the world.

Optimising the commercial effectiveness of the terminal space will be the main challenge for The Design Solution, explains director of the project, Robbie Gill. 

“We are genuinely excited about this project at Toulouse-Blagnac as it is a classic example of consolidating passenger flows, changing landside-airside boundaries and altering operational aspects such as check-in and security areas in order to significantly transform the passenger experience and to drive a more effective commercial performance," he says.

"We bring considerable experience from our work on a number of French regional airports such Nantes, Marseilles and the two terminals in Nice, and this, allied to our in-depth understanding of passenger needs and behaviour, will further empower the quality of advice that we can deliver on this project.”

The Design Solution will be assisted at Toulouse-Blagnac by international aviation specialist consultancy Airport Solutions, which will be carrying out the business planning aspects of the project. 

Further specialist support will also be provided by Wildstone, one of Europe’s leading outdoor advertising consultancies.

The airport's marketing, retail and advertising manager, Karine Ducos, notes "The management team at Toulouse Airport is convinced that Robbie Gill and his team are the best experts we could appoint to translate the unique Sense of Place of Toulouse, creating the most efficient design solution and delivering an excellent passenger experience. 

"We are delighted to be working with them and we strongly believe in their commercial principles for our new retail area."

This terminal development project is the latest phase in Toulouse-Blagnac Airport’s ambitious plans to further enhance the passenger experience at the airport, which has already seen the renovation of the Arrivals zone to present a more modern, more welcoming and more functionally effective space and significant investment in the airport’s infrastructure.

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