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NEWS Last modified on January 21, 2016

New 'seat swap' App gives airline passengers the chance to escape smelly neighbours

Ever been onboard a flight and really wanted to move seats because of the behaviour of the people next to or around you? Well, believe it or not there's now an App that can help you out!

Seateroo cites Expedia's 2015 Airplane Etiquette Study that claims that rear-seat kickers, inattentive parents and aromatic passengers – including those that break wind – as the top three aggravating behaviours that make people want to change seats.

The App gives passengers the chance to swap seats with ticketed travellers willing to give up their spot for an electronic payment – with the fee to agreed by the participants!

"Booking a desired seat is helpful, but passengers still face uncertainty regarding the inflight behaviour of other passengers," said Brad Pursel, founder and president of Seateroo.

"Short of eliminating aggravating passenger behaviour, the next best option is to offer passengers an 'on-demand' tool to find a more pleasant seat, which may include using the Seateroo app to pay a passenger willing to swap seats."

As indicated by Expedia's study, 'aromatic' passengers were near the top of the list of aggravating passengers.

This week, a passenger's handwritten note complaining about another passenger's offensive inflight flatulence went viral, which suggests this is not an isolated incidence.

Indeed, a professor from the University of Copenhagen found that the drop in air cabin pressure increases the frequency of flatulence.

Would the Seateroo founder swap seats to get away from an aromatic or farting passenger?

"I would definitely pay to swap seats to get away from that situation," said Brad Pursel. "My willingness to swap seats near an aromatic passenger would depend upon the length of the flight and the amount of money offered."

The Seateroo app launched in the App Store last week. Visit www.seateroo.com to learn more.


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