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NEWS Last modified on January 21, 2016

Frankfurt Airport unveils its new 'silent chairs'

Frankfurt Airport must be trying to tell us something about peace and tranquility as it has followed up last week's yoga room launch by unveiling its new 'silent chairs'.

It claims that the latest initiative has created new relaxation opportunities for passengers wishing for a quiet place to rest up at one of the world’s leading transfer hubs.

According to airport operator, Fraport, the silent chairs are the "perfect way to relax in peace while waiting for an onward connecting flight".

It goes on: "These arch-shaped chairs noticeably reduce the ambient noise, enabling passengers to listen to their own music thanks to integrated speakers that can be connected to their smartphones, tablets or other digital devices.

"Those wishing to work will also find integrated power sockets, a USB port, and a small table."

Silent chairs are available to transferring passengers in Terminal 1 opposite gates A58 and Z58, and in Terminal 2 at gates D4 and E5. 

Fraport is planning to add more silent chairs in its terminals later this year.

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