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NEWS Last modified on January 22, 2016

Former airline man appointed boss of Warsaw's Chopin Airport

Mariusz Szpikowski is the new general director of Polish airport operator, PPL, and director of the country's capital city gateway, Warsaw Chopin Airport.

He replaces Michał Kaczmarzyk who resigned from the position a few days ago.

Mariusz Szpikowski began his professional career at international auditing companies, KPMG and Ernst & Young.

Between 2000-2006 he was the CFO and Proxy at Carrier Polska – a company from the United Technologies Corporation Group, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

He then went on to hold various positions with Air Poland (formerly Air Italy Polska) before joining LOT Aircraft Maintenance Services (LOT AMS), where for a year, until October 2014, he served as member of the board and director for finances and restructuring. 

Between October 2014 and April 2015 he provided investment consultancy services on the foreign aviation market.

Szpikowski’s last function before being appointed to the post of PPL general director was to serve, as of April 2015, as member of the board for finances in a rail industry manufacturing company, H Cegielski – Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych.

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