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NEWS Last modified on January 25, 2016

Historic collaborative decision-making (CDM) agreement signed at Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport today became the latest gateway to sign up to collaborative decision-making (CDM) in a bid to improve its efficiency and operational performance.

Under the agreement signed between the main stakeholders at Lisbon Airport, a technological platform will be created to make airport operations more efficient, benefitting from the sharing of information and the adoption of coordinated processes.

The partners involved in this CDM project are ANA Aeroportos de Portugal (VINCI Airports), NAV, TAP, Portway, and Groundforce.

The signing ceremony was presided by the Secretary of State for Infrastructures, Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins, with all the signatory companies being represented by their respective chairpersons, Jorge Ponce de Leão, Chairman of ANA and Portway; Guilhermino Rodrigues, Chairman of Groundforce; Luís Coimbra, Chairman of NAV; and Fernando Pinto, Chairman of TAP.

According to ANA, the signatories have all been committed to implementing Airport-Collaborative Decision Making for sime time as it is one of the technological pillars in establishing the Single European Sky. 

The major aim of this project is to organise the European air space into blocks that are functional rather than determined by the national borders of the various countries, in order to create safe conditions for dealing with the projected growth in air traffic.

ANA says today's agreement aims to:

– Ensure the technical and procedural mechanisms for sharing operational information at Lisbon Airport, which will provide greater efficiency in the overall airport process and the specific processes of each partner;

– Implement procedures that go beyond the mere sharing of relevant information in a timely fashion in order to achieve greater predictability in regard to the fundamental stages associated with the flights processed;
night flight

– Promote the exchange of information between Lisbon Airport and the NMOC (Network Manager Operations Control) to enable predictability and provide more accurate information;

– Create a system and permanently assesses the operational conditions of Lisbon Airport concerning the sharing of information and the conditions of predictability. These assessments will be used to propose concrete actions for improvement.

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