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NEWS Last modified on January 27, 2016

Revealed – the top 10 flying superstitions of British passengers

Taking a good luck charm, reciting prayers or mantras and touching the outside of the plan upon boarding are apparently just some of the weird and wonderful superstitons of British holidaymakers, according a new travel poll.

Others include refusing to sit in certain seat numbers; holding hands to ensure a safe take off/landing and not flying on certain dates, Friday the 13th being the biggest no go.

According to the poll by online travel agency sunshine.co.uk, people from the South West are the most superstitious when it comes to flying.

While people from the North West of England, Belfast and the South East were revealed to be the least nervous flyers.

The team behind the travel agency conducted the poll as part of ongoing research into the travel habits and experiences of UK adults.

It says that 1,894 Britons aged 18 and over took part in the poll, all of whom had travelled by plane in the last 12 months. Respondents were asked about their attitudes towards flying and anything they regularly did when getting on a plane.

When asked whether they had any flying based superstitions, some 65% of the people taking part in the poll admitted that they did. 

Their answers were used to draw up a Top 10 list of flight superstitions.

1. Touching outside of plane before getting on to ensure a safe flight – 17%
2.  Taking a good luck charm/mascot onto the flight – 15%3
3. Refusing to sit in certain seat numbers – 14%
4. Reciting prayers or mantras – 11%
5. Only flying at certain times – 8%
6. Only flying with certain airlines – 8%
7. Holding hands to ensure safe take off/landing – 6%
8. Sticking to a certain routine (e.g. ordering same drink) – 5%
9. Only flying from a certain airport – 3%
10.Not flying on certain dates (e.g. Friday 13th) – 2%

The majority (21%) of those who said that they were superstitious when it came to travelling on flights were from the South West of England; suggesting that it is the more superstitious region when it comes to travelling.

When all respondents were asked if they were nervous flyers, some 54% said 'no'. The majority of these people were from the North West (21%), Belfast (19%) and the South East (17%).

Anyone who took a good luck charm on a flight as part of their superstition was asked to state what form this took. The majority, 43%, said it was a 'soft toy' of some kind, whilst 27% said it was a 'piece of jewellery such as a necklace.

Chris Clarkson, managing director of sunshine.co.uk said: "We all have our own habits and quirks that we carry out in all areas of life, but flying is something that seems to bring this out of us more than ever.

"Plenty of people feel nervous about flying and it's fine to stick to certain routines if it puts your mind at ease and allows you to have a more enjoyable flight.

"Flying is, of course, one of the safest ways to travel, so passengers should try to remember that and have faith in their pilot."



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