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NEWS Last modified on February 2, 2016

Manchester Airport appoints its own artist in residence

Rob Pointon is Manchester Airport's new artist in residence and the second such airport appointment in recent months following Brisbane's decision to do the same late last year.

Pointon will serve as the UK gateway's own on the spot artist for three years and the airport is confident that he will be able to capture the buzz of activity in its terminals. 

He has already partnered with Cathay Pacific and visited Hong Kong to paint a number of landscape oil paintings.  

Now back in the UK, Rob will host his first exhibition at Manchester Airport next week (February 8 and 9) to mark Chinese New Year. 
Stephen Turner, commercial director for Manchester Airport, says: “I’m delighted that Rob agreed to become our first artist in residence at Manchester Airport.

"It’s such a vibrant campus, I’m sure it will give him lots of inspiration for pieces over the next three years.  

“We’re also hugely excited to see his first exhibition from his visit to Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific – it will be a great way to mark Chinese New Year.”

Pointon said: “It’s an honour to have been chosen to become Manchester Airport’s artist in residence for the next three years."

The exhibition – hosted in the Manchester Airport station atrium between 3pm and 8pm on February 8 and 10am and 3.30pm on February 9 – will feature 13 paintings from his time in Hong Kong and three large new Manchester works. 

Robert Brownhall, Brisbane Airport's artist in residence, has an exclusive all areas pass to the airport's Domestic and International terminals and is tasked with developing a suite of sketches and paintings depicting everyday events, people, atchitecture and changes at the Australian gateway.

“We’re excited to see what moments in time he will capture in his art, providing a beautiful and lasting legacy over his time at Brisbane Airport,” said Brisbane Airport Corporation's CEO and managing director, Julieanne Alroe.

Brownhall, one of Australia's most renowned realist painters, admits that he was excited to spend time at Brisbane Airport and to have the opportunity to paint and sketch such a dynamic and ever-changing environment.
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“Airports are fascinating places. Some areas are bustling with human activity others have exciting and dramatic architecture. I also like the large long windows that feature the landscape and the great skies of South East Queensland," he says.

Philip Bacon of Brisbane’s Philip Bacon Galleries, notes: “BAC's support for the arts in Brisbane is exemplary, and this inaugural ‘Artist in Residence’ programme is further proof, if proof was required, of the importance they place on the role of the arts in defining a city, a state, and a nation."


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