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NEWS Last modified on February 3, 2016

LAX unveils 'spectacular' new Westfield enhanced Terminal 2

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has unveiled its new-look Westfield enhanced Terminal 2 boasting more than 15,000 square feet of new dining and retail outlets.

Westfield, which designs, funds, builds and manages shopping malls and retail facilities across the globe, has invested $78.3 million on "transforming" 76,000 square feet of the terminal.

It claims that the facelift brings together a vibrant design, local restaurants and signature retail to create a more holistic customer journey.

“LA is the centre of international travel, and this spectacular new terminal will help us broaden our global reach even further,” states Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti.

“With the help of our partners, we have turned this terminal into a beautiful new space — and an expression of our commitment to building the world-class airport our residents and visitors expect and deserve.”
More than 45.5 million people visited the city last year and Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) operated LAX, which is undergoing an $8.5 billion modernisation programme, handled a record 74.9 million passengers.

“LAWA had a strong vision,” notes Keith Kaplan, Westfield’s vice president at LAX. “They wanted more than a concessions refresh – they wanted to truly transform the entire customer journey at Terminal 2 from the moment you clear security.

"Thanks to our long-term partnership and collaboration with all the stakeholders, everybody wins – the city of Los Angeles, the airport, the airlines and the customers.”

The new Terminal 2 projects $41 million in annual sales – a 34% increase, and the number of permanent employees in the terminal is predicted to increase by 76% over time.

Westfield designed and managed common area improvements, from the floor to the ceiling, and relocated and redesigned an uninspiring, inefficient staircase to become the exciting focal point of the terminal and activated new revenue-generating space.
The 20-month redevelopment at Terminal 2 was the terminal’s first upgrade in nearly 30 years. 

“Fresh facilities with more seating, new services, and expanded dining and shopping experiences for today’s travellers are part of our $332 million investment in Terminal 2,” enthuses LAWA's CEO, Deborah Flint. 

“We applaud Westfield’s partnership with LAWA, their investment in Terminal 2 at LAX, and their commitment to developing an experience that truly caters to the modern traveller.” 

According to Westfield, its designs were inspired by 'LA in Motion', which it says captures the energy and on-the-go attitude of Los Angeles. 

Three distinct shopping and dining districts are highlighted by a grand staircase that offers customers a luxurious but efficient travel experience.

The new customer journey begins in the Commercial Hub, a retail and duty-free shopping district. Customers then flow into the Dining Terrace, which has been infused with local flavor and a design that offers a bright, inviting experience.
From there, customers enter The Strand, a dining and shopping district that features the grand staircase and a luxurious bar with shimmering chandeliers.

“We’re a local, family business and we’ve been serving customers at LAX for more than 20 years,” point out Nick Buford, COO and managing partner at Crews, which operates four dining concepts in Terminal 2.

“This is an exciting time for us and for Los Angeles. The city and LAWA had the vision to transform the entire LAX experience, and we’re helping to make that happen. Together we’re innovating the travellers experience while creating more jobs and generating more revenue for Los Angeles.”

Westfield curated a dining collection that represents Los Angeles, including a high-end bar that sells wine from countries serviced by Terminal 2.

The new dining and retail collection features 16 new concepts, seven Southern California brands,11 brands new to LAX and six brands that have never been in an airport before.
In addition to the all-new dining and retail programme, Westfield built new gate hold rooms and bathrooms, installed new lighting, gate counters, gate information displays, flight 

information displays and digital directories and added new IT infrastructure to support all terminal flight operations.

Westfield also claims that it is transforming the passenger experience at LAX terminals 1, 3, 6 and Tom Bradley International Terminal, which opened in 2013, and is adopting a different approach at each to ensure that no two are alike.

To date it has invested more than $184 million at the airport.

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