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NEWS Last modified on February 4, 2016

Traffic up and new shopping outlets for Brussels South Charleroi Airport

It has been a busy start to 2016 for Brussels South Charleroi Airport with passenger traffic on the rise and the opening of new retail outlets.

The airport, which handled a record 6.9 million passengers (+8%) in 2015, has opened two new Club retail outlets specifically tailored towards meeting the needs of French and Dutch speaking visitors.

For the last 40 years, Club has been a well-established bookshop, stationer and newsagent in Belgium.
As well as selling national and international newspapers and magazines, its airport shops will sell books and travel guides, games, lottery tickets and gifts, as well as notebooks, CDs, DVDs, e-books, e-readers and stationery.

All the brand’s normal services, such as the loyalty card, online orders and special offers, will also be available in these new branches. 

Brussels South Charleroi Airport's CEO, Jean-Jacques Cloquet, says: “As an airport, our dearest wish is to help passengers enjoy their time with us, with all the services that this involves."
Traffic trends

And the upward trend in passenger traffic has continued into this year, with 462,938 passengers using the gateway in January, a rise of 6% on the corresponding month a year ago.

Airline load factors also averaged 80% during the month, with Italy, Spain, Morocco, France and Poland proving the most popular destinations.

Cloquet says: “The new year has only just begun and the first results are already in. January ended with a 6% increase compared with 2015. This excellent figure for the first month of the year clearly demonstrates passengers’ confidence in Brussels South Charleroi Airport’s operational performance and punctuality.

"We continue to innovate and seek out new solutions to make passengers’ lives easier.
Brussels South
"These figures confirm our commitment to keep on striving to meet the needs of as many people as possible and maintain the airport’s appeal.

"Our Early Check-In scheme, launched on February 1, is part of this strategy to make travelling from Brussels South Charleroi Airport even easier. Forecasts for carnival season are promising and encourage us to make even more effort to keep moving forward.” 

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