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NEWS Last modified on February 5, 2016

DFW unveils plans for a new Rodeo bar and other new F&B concepts

A rodeo bar and a Belgian beer kiosk are two of the new F&B concepts planned for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

The Texas gateway has approved proposals for a Maggiano's Little Italy restaurant in Terminal C, a Rodeo Bar in Terminal B and a Belgium Beer Café kiosk in Terminal C.  

Additionally, it rubber stamped proposals for a 7-Eleven convenience store slated for Terminal D, a new Grove snack kiosk in Terminal B and a new vending contract for the entire Airport with Canteen Vending. 

DFW has also signed a beverage pouring rights and sponsorship pact awarded to The Coca-Cola Company, replacing Pepsi.

The new beverage contract for The Coca-Cola Company was approved yesterday as the final step of a Request for Proposal (RFP) process that began in late 2015.

The 10-year contract takes effect in March 2016 and will include Coca-Cola brands of bottled, canned, and prepackaged beverages at DFW Airport concessions, retail locations and some other concession facilities.
"Coca-Cola brings a global brand portfolio that we are confident will meet the needs of our customers," says Sean Donohue, CEO of DFW Airport.

"At DFW we are focused on enhancing the choices available to customers at our Airport, and the comprehensive deal that Coca-Cola put together for DFW shows they share in our customer focus." 

Paradies LaGardere, Inc. will operate the new 7-Eleven under a ten-year lease term, with plans to open later this year. 

Another new concept for DFW is the Rodeo Bar, to be operated by DFW Pop Restaurants, LLC in Terminal B at Gate B31. It will offer a range of beer and wine selections under the terms of the nine-year lease.

Compass Group USA was awarded the contract for snack vending services across the airport, including all Terminals, selected administrative facilities and the Rental Car Facility. 

Finally, DFW also approved two temporary permits, one to Host International to operate a Belgium Beer Café in Terminal C at Gate C14, and the other permit to Grove to operate a snack kiosk inside Terminal B at Gate B12.

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