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NEWS Last modified on February 5, 2016

Frankfurt Airport and Lufthansa reveal digital shopping and dining initiatives

Lufthansa passengers can now shop for duty free items from the comfort of the airline's lounges at Frankfurt Airport thanks to a newly launched digital shopping initiative.

The new 'Lounge Shopping' service, the brainchild of Lufthansa and airport operator Fraport, allows passengers to use available iPads for purchasing exclusive products from airport stores and have them delivered within half an hour.

The online product range extends from fine delicacies and spirits or fashionable accessories to practical travel goods and leather goods.

Fraport says that the product range will be further expanded in the coming months.

In addition to 'Lounge Shopping' for departing passengers, a new 'Inflight Shopping' service for incoming travellers will also be introduced during the first quarter of this year, reveals Fraport.

It will enable Lufthansa passengers on long-haul flights to Frankfurt to purchase exclusive products from airport stores during their flight and collect them at the arrival gate immediately after landing.

And there's more as next up will be a new 'Taste & Travel' digital gourmet service, which will allow Lufthansa passengers to use iPads available at the check-in area and near the security checkpoints, to choose menus for delivery to the departure gate.

Fraport ssys: "These will then be delivered in high quality and heat-insulating packaging, even enabling the passenger to enjoy the chosen meal while on the plane."

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