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NEWS Last modified on February 8, 2016

DAA's charity efforts raise €240,000 in 2015

Kind hearted daa staff supported by the Irish airport operator and members of the public raised €240,000 for their three charities of the year during the past 12 months.

Temple Street Children’s Hospital, Parkinson’s Association of Ireland and the Diabetes Unit in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin were each presented with a cheque for €80,000.

The fundraising efforts during 2015 means that daa staff have donated more than €1.7 million to 15 Irish charities over the past nine years.

Celebrating the achievement, daa's chief executive, Kevin Toland, said the money raised will make a real difference to people’s lives.

“I am immensely proud of the continuing support and passion of daa staff in raising this massive sum of money for charity,” he said.

“Since our charity programme started 15 Irish charities have received significant donations to the total value of €1.7 million over a nine year period. This truly is a phenomenal sum of money doing a lot of good for Irish charities."

Over the course of 2015 a wide variety of events took place with daa employees, families and friends getting involved to support the three charities.

Events included: 100/50k cycle; Women’s Mini Marathon; a 5k road race at Dublin Airport; a parachute jump; a charity row; marathons, books and cake sales.

The amount of money raised is greatly helped by the coin donations made by visitors to Dublin Airport using the many charity coin boxes in both airport terminals. 

This year three more Irish Charities will get a slice of the fundraising pot from activities organised by daa staff in 2016.

Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, Childline and ARC Support Centre topped the poll of charities nominated by daa staff for their 2016 charity programme.

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