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NEWS Last modified on February 10, 2016

Mixed January results for Norway's airports despite overall rise in traffic

The number of passengers using Norway's airports continued to rise in January, the 3.3 million handled across its 46 gateways representing a 1.6% upturn on the corresponding month last year.

According to operator, Avinor, there were "substantial local variations" in traffic across the country. 

Oslo Airport saw growth of 3.2% in January, compared with last year, with both  domestic (+2.8%) and international (+4%) traffic on the rise as 1.65 million passengers passed through Norway's capital city gateway.

Trondheim Airport enjoyed a 3.5% increaae in traffic compared with the same month in 2014.

However, the monthy throughput dopped Stavanger's Sola Airport and Bergen Airport, both registering declines of 1.5% and 8% respectively, the latter despite a 9% rise in intermnational traffic. 

Activity level of oil and gas industry important

There are local variations in the other airports in the Avinor network. Kristiansund, which is experiencing a difficult time due to dowtown in the offshore sector, saw its traffic figures drop by 17.1%.
In contrast, Hammerfest Airport exprienced a 47.6% rise in trafffic because of high levels of activity within the same industry.

Still growth in northern Norway

In general, there has is a steady growth in air traffic growth in northern Norway with Tromsø, Bardufoss and Mehamn each experiencing a 10% increase in passegers.

"Our airports play a key role for business and travel industry in northern Norway," says Avinor's VP regional airports division, Margrethe Snekkerbakken.

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